• 100% Real Mink Fur
  • Strip Lashes
  • Reusable; About 20-25 Wears 



Persephone: Greek Goddess of the Underworld. Wife of Hades. 


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  • Mink lashes are meant to last from 20-25 wears; even 30 wears with proper care. 

    • When removing your lashes, be gentle in order to avoid any tears between the lash and the band. 
    • When removing excess glue after use, be sure to use pointed tweezers. Gently tweez off the excess glue after every wear.  
    • After removing your lashes and gently removing the excess glue, be sure to store them in their box. Use either their original box or any other lash storage of your choice. This will avoid any damage and prevent you from losing your lovely minks. Plus cleanliness is key. 
    • Avoid waterproof mascara! If you must use mascara, use a light amount, but avoid waterproof mascra at all times! 
    • DO NOT wet your lashes. This will damage the shape of the lash. 
    • Don't use oil-based solutions or harsh chemicals. It will ruin the look of your mink lashes.